Advice from our Engineers on Ensuring a Successful Project Outcome.


Projects can be wildly complicated and can often end with you not getting the desired outcome due to falling short of deadlines or budget targets. Over many years, our project engineers have worked on a diverse range of jobs and have gained unique experience. In this article, Walker Engineering’s best project engineers share their advice and insight for making sure that your next project is the best it possibly can be!


  1. Communicate clearly.

    Strong communication is the key theme which all our engineers agreed was the most important. It is a given that you are in close contact with the company you choose to carry out the work throughout the duration of the project. But our Engineer’s said it always helps a project when you are clear with the specifications and are able to effectively communicate what you want.



  1. Research

    We don’t expect you to know everything about what you need since a large of part of that is the responsibility of the experts working for you. However, it usually makes the process more efficient for you if you do a little bit of research before hand to enable you discover what you need. Research may even be having a preliminary chat with the company who are going to work for you and figure out what information they need ahead of the project.



  1. Fit for purpose

    Often it can be easy to get carried away and over-engineer a solution, its key to keep the specification as clear as possible, that way there will be less potential problems when detailing, fabricating and installing the solution making it more effective.

These three tips may seem very obvious but they are often not quite done properly, our project engineers fully believe that embracing these tips makes for a more successful and less stressful project!


If you would like some 1-1 advice from one of our project engineers, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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