With over 30 years in the engineering business Andy remains fully engaged in the business. His expertise in understanding client’s requirements and designing solutions is second to none and is directly responsible for Walker Engineering NW’s enviable client list.
Outsourcing Maintenance

The Benefits of Outsourcing Maintenance Work

Industrial plant maintenance is among one of the most critical considerations to ensure smooth production. But, should plant maintenance be carried out by an in-house team or be outsourced?

Plant Maintenance is at the top of the agenda for production and manufacturing managers, whether that be in the chemical, food and beverage, agriculture or other industries. As you know, a big decision facing management is …

Reading Roundup: BREXIT implications of Chemical and Car Industry. Government Manufacturing Meeting.

As usual, there is lots going on in the industries of Engineering, Chemical, and Manufacturing which is why we have put together the top stories from the duration of the week.

Academics and manufacturing leaders meet with the government to discuss digital technology adoption.
Academics and manufacturing leaders are meeting with the government today to discuss ways in which productivity and efficiency can be improved …

DAF Tank

DAF Tank Fabricators: Our Advice to choosing the right supplier to ensure project success.

Choosing the right water effluent treatment tank fabricator can be a minefield, since as you know there is so many different companies out there offering a wide range of services. It’s crucial to chose the right one because there’s a lot riding on the quality of the product you supply, reputation being just one of those things

For many years now we have been fabricating …

Why Algae is not a viable fuel source in the near future.

The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2050, 27 percent of global transport fuels will be biofuels. But, could you really imagine our Planes, Ships, trains and electricity grids being reliability powered by such fuel? It is beyond all doubt that we want as close to a carbon-neutral fuel to power us into the future, but the big question is simply, is it viable?

Numerous …

Quality Manager

Engineering Quality: A day in the life of Walker Engineering’s Quality Manager.

This week we had a catch-up with Lee, our Quality Manager. We wanted to find out more about him and his role at Walker Engineering. Lee is based in the production office and workshop, operating closely with Engineer’s and the production manager daily.

 What is your professional background?
I originated in the oil and gas industry, fitting valves and pipework to high pressure acid tanks …