Why Algae is not a viable fuel source in the near future.

The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2050, 27 percent of global transport fuels will be biofuels. But, could you really imagine our Planes, Ships, trains and electricity grids being reliability powered by such fuel? It is beyond all doubt that we want as close to a carbon-neutral fuel to power us into the future, but the big question is simply, is it viable?

Numerous …

Flat vector illustration is showing alternative clean energy sources: hydro energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and solar energy. Nicely layered.

Reading Roundup: Digital Construction, Renewable Energy for Chemicals Industry, Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

For this week’s reading roundup we have put together some of the best news snippets and insights from across the Construction, Engineering, Chemical and Manufacturing industries.

The rise of digital construction and what it means for the future
Digital Construction at first glance seems like a concept which is an option, one which you can take and slightly increase the efficiency of your operations or …


Walker Engineering Environmental Impact

Here’s a short overview of the extensive effort we put into reducing our environmental impact, from using energy efficient light bulbs to recycling electrical cable which would otherwise be disposed of.

You can’t disagree that engineering is underpinned by efficiency in every area, it’s always about finding the most effective way do something, the best solution.

Which why when you look deeper into an engineering …