Listed Buildings which are in desperate need of saving in Merseyside. Could this be a project for you?


Every year the Victorian society releases a list of its top 10 buildings which need saving across the UK with a view to encouraging organisations to save them. This year, there was a couple of buildings which made the list which are in Merseyside, so it’s only fair that we share them with you!

Merseyside Centre for the Deaf
Built in 1887, it was built as a chapel for Merseyside’s deaf community. Since then, it has been used as a community center which closed in 2007. The possibilities for this building are endless due to the size of it, however, it is in much need of a lot of work before it would ever be ready to serve the community again.



Hartley’s Village Aintree
Named after the Hartley’s jam factory which once stood, there was an entire village of houses built around it for the employees to live which worked in the factory. Although, the houses have been reused, the existing factory has remained derelict and is in a sorry state.

Just look through the photographs and find out for yourself!

Photograph’s from Liverpool Echo.                                                                 
Find out more about these buildings and their history here. 

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