Walker Engineering takes pride in offering exciting apprenticeship opportunities in engineering for students looking to begin a career in the engineering industry.

Apprenticeships at Walker Engineering provide young people with the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience and to utilise the skills they learn in a classroom to apply in real-world situations.

Engineering apprenticeships are an ideal way for those starting in the industry to gain knowledge, skills, training and insight from industry professionals, that will set them up for a successful and long career.

Naturally, the engineering industry is integrated into many aspects of our everyday life, from the cars we drive to the construction of the buildings we visit, as well as manufacturing plants and nuclear facilities across the industrial sector. 

Through an apprenticeship in engineering at Walker Engineering, an individual will be guided by trained professionals throughout all elements of the course, ensuring each apprentice learns valuable hands-on skills through projects we deliver for clients across the UK. 

At Walker Engineering, our apprentices will be introduced to a varied range of engineering practices including:

  • Safety procedures – Manual handling, risk assessments, working at height, safe loading and damage reduction
  • Understanding of engineering drawings
  • Fabrication of steelwork and sheet metal
  • Welding – MIG & TIG
  • Installation of steelwork, pipework and equipment
  • Installation of control panels, cable routing and process equipment

For a complete list of apprenticeship opportunities visit our careers page.

The benefits of an engineering apprenticeship

Hands-on experience in engineering

Engineering apprenticeships can be the perfect way for young professionals to gain firsthand experience in the engineering industry, and provide the next generation of engineers with essential skills in engineering. Practical experience is invaluable in preparing apprentices for a career in engineering.

Develop sought-after skills 

Apprenticeships at Walker Engineering are part of a structured programme covering the essential theory at college, with practical on-the-job training, therefore you will develop theoretical skills alongside the practical experience working in a busy workshop will bring. All apprentices will work closely alongside our experienced professionals, with one on one training in place to aid and support your development as an individual.

Earn while you learn

One of the biggest advantages of an engineering apprenticeship is that you can earn money to support yourself while gaining the skills, qualifications and experience you need to kickstart your career in engineering. 

Achieve a nationally recognised qualification

In addition to gaining valuable skills and experience, all apprentices will earn a nationally recognised qualification (NVQ). Upon completion of your apprenticeship, Walker Engineering will have equipped you with the necessary skills to begin a thriving career in the industry.

Engineering apprenticeship opportunities at Walker Engineering

Walker Engineering is currently offering apprenticeship positions in both engineering and fabrication which are:

A Future in engineering

An apprenticeship in engineering can qualify you as a professional in the industry and can open up many opportunities for different roles. Some examples of these positions are:

  • Engineer: There are many types of engineering positions to choose from, varying in job specification
  • Fabricator: Likewise to engineering, fabrication has a large scale of jobs to choose from, which helps in finding what’s right for you
  • Project Manager: For those with a strong sense of leadership skills, and who are well-organised, a career in project management may be the right move for your future upon completion of an apprenticeship
  • Technician: Technicians are another key role in the engineering industry. Troubleshooting, testing and drafting designs are all essential parts of engineering and this may be a career path that is right for you
  • Quality control: Quality control specialists ensure that engineering products and processes meet the correct standards and regulations

Walker Engineering will assist you in whichever path and career you choose, ensuring your have the essential skills to thrive on the job and feel prepared going forward with your career.

Engineering apprenticeship partners

Walker Engineering works alongside The Engineering College in Birkenhead and Wigan & Leigh College in Wigan and is passionate about supporting and training young people across the North West to be the next generation of engineers. 

If you are interested in starting an apprenticeship in engineering and want to find further details, visit our careers page.

For any further questions please email Walker Engineering at enquiry@walkereng.co.uk