What are the top trends and changes in the engineering industry?

There are great technological innovations currently happening around us in the engineering industry, but it is often difficult to tell which one’s are fads and which ones are going to be driving real change in the industry.

In this article, we hope to assist you in discovering which changes and trends you need to be acting on now.

Automation and Connectivity
The increase in …

Pipework Fabrication

Pipework Fabrication: Our tips to getting industrial pipework right.

Bespoke pipework fabrication and installation is challenging at the best of times, but when pipework and tanks need vital maintenance or modification to increase capacity and output then it can become difficult to do efficiently.

Over many years we have worked on numerous projects, each with its own unique set of challenges to overcome. Through our experience in pipework and vessels we have developed the …

Quality Manager

Engineering Quality: A day in the life of Walker Engineering’s Quality Manager.

This week we had a catch-up with Lee, our Quality Manager. We wanted to find out more about him and his role at Walker Engineering. Lee is based in the production office and workshop, operating closely with Engineer’s and the production manager daily.

 What is your professional background?
I originated in the oil and gas industry, fitting valves and pipework to high pressure acid tanks …