Bespoke pipework fabrication and installation is challenging at the best of times, but when pipework and tanks need vital maintenance or modification to increase capacity and output then it can become difficult to do efficiently.

Over many years we have worked on numerous projects, each with its own unique set of challenges to overcome. Through our experience in pipework and vessels we have developed the best practice for carrying out this work. So we’ve decided to share some of what we have learnt with you by giving you some points for consideration.

Ensuring pipework is produced to exact specifications
As you know, the environment within an industrial plant or site may be difficult to reach or in an awkward position often leaving little room for error when installing the pipework. That’s why it is important that the pipework is bespoke and detailed perfectly by an expert project engineer. An experienced project engineer will examine every possibility before choosing the most effective and efficient way of fabricating and installing pipework. By having custom and bespoke pipework it means that the solution created is going to be the best possible option allowing for maximum efficiency of both time and budget.


Choose an experienced Project Engineer
You would be setting yourself up for disaster form the very beginning if you were to choose a project engineer who has limited experience in the kind of project you want to carry out. Make sure you have a quick meeting with the people who will be working on your project, to get to know the expertise and background of your project engineer, then you can trust that they are going to complete your project to the best possible standard.

Quality Manager

Working around production
To avoid interrupting production and having to add to the already growing maintenance costs, it is beneficial to find a team which are flexible about when they can carry out the pipework maintenance. Initially, it may cost more to pay for a team to work over the weekend but it will save you money in the long run.


It is key that these 3 factors are considered when commissioning any pipework maintenance, installation and modifications, for it to be as efficient as possible.

Have a look below to gain a greater understand about how we operate!

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