When designing metal structures, metal fabrication is the essential process that shapes the metal into the design required for your application. In providing a metal fabrication design, it is essential that you choose a highly competent well-trained team of metal fabricators who can bring your design ideas to life. If you can provide us with a clear design, we can fabricate it.

Talk to Walker Engineering about your design ideas

The earlier in the design process you come to us, the sooner we can begin to understand your ideas and exactly what you require. We can help you to evaluate what is realistic, feasibly designed and fits within the scope and price of the work you require. At Walker Engineering, we have years of experience building the heart of the UK’s industrial core so no matter how small, large, or complicated your project may be, we can help you every step of the way. We can work with you to build a clear and optimal design to bring your project to life, making suggestions and alterations as required.

Clear and detailed designs

The more detailed your design is, the more precisely we can design your metal fabrication as well as giving you accurate costing information for the project. For optimum results, we will need full engineering drawings with designs, specifications, dimensions, angles, and materials as well as your overall plan, site location and contact information. It is also important to include any queries you may have and any relevant deadlines and time frames.

That being said, it is critical to not overdo the earlier stages of the design process. The design should be large and simple to read and understand, minimising any wording on diagrams and keeping explanations separate to ensure we can clearly see your design ideas and what is required from us.

Testing and modelling

Another crucial step in ensuring that there is no delay to your project is to fully model it before fabrication. As a long-established, experienced, and trusted engineering firm, the team here at Walker Engineering can help you to create detail 3D models and simulations of your design. Testing on prototypes is essential as it can give a clear indication as to whether the design is viable and can identify any potential design flaws prior to production, saving you potentially substantial remediation costs further down the line.


The metals and adjoining materials chosen are the core of your project and it is therefore essential that you research your options to choose the right materials. Using cost benefit analysis and long-term modelling and durability tests can help to ensure the perfect materials are selected. If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the materials under consideration in your plan.

Choosing the right metal fabricator

Clearly, it is essential that you choose an experienced, trusted and highly trained fabricator for your project to ensure the best possible result. At Walker Engineering we have over 20 years of experience in metal fabrication, our team are fully trained with MMA, TIG and MIG qualifications and continuously upgrade their skills. Based near Liverpool and Manchester, we offer the highest standards of metal fabrication and can work to your design. Our trusted expert team is professional and reliable, delivering projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget.